Web-based CRM is turnkey. No additional hardware or software.

InTimeTools CRM System for Business
  • Increase sales
  • Boost productivity
  • Stay organized
  • Build brand

Keep sales people selling with a CRM system that travels with them 24/7.

InTimeTools® CRM System for Business is your techology power tool for sales and marketing. Free your business development team from being harnessed by paperwork and reports. With CRM you have the tools for your staff to capture and manage leads, qualify prospects better (focus on those most like your best clients), build revenue, and simply be more efficient with time in the process -- so there's more time to sell! 

CRM technology tools work. Now is the time to implement.

Centralized information

Access all client, prospect and project information - corporate and personal information, project documentation, emails, proposals and worksheets - from one central location online.

Access any where / any time

Access your CRM system from a secure location on the internet.

Outlook® integration
  • For email, use Outlook as your email application, if that's what you have been accustomed to doing. Your CRM system synchronizes emails and attachments from Outlook to prospects, contacts accounts and opportunities.
  • For contacts, your CRM system synchronizes contacts from either your CRM system to Outlook or vice-versa.
  • For appointments on your calendar, Outlooks synchronizes with your CRM system - and vice-versa - so that users can view each other's calendars when setting appointments.
Security - two types
  • System security - KMI servers are located in a world-class data center in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Site security - your site is password protected and has a SSL security certificate.
Controlled Access

The system uses "roles" and "teams" to control which functions and records each user may access.