CUSTOMIZE to YOUR sales process
and YOUR most-needed reports.

InTimeTools CRM System for Business
  • Increase sales
  • Boost productivity
  • Stay organized
  • Build brand

To maximize your CRM system, simply customize it specifically for your business.

CRM is not a one-size-fits-all. At KMI, we rather enjoy tailoring your CRM system to fit with the way you do business. When your CRM system improves processes - as opposed to totally changing people away from what they know - your team will use the system and hence, reap the rewards.

Qualify Prospects before you invest

Qualify prospects based on your criteria, before investing in the sales process. Typical qualification benchmarks are: matching the prospect's need to your expertise; letters of commitment; knowing stakeholders and who your competitors are.

Build Stronger relationships

Understand clients and prospects beyond the project and use that information to build stronger relationships. Knowing their career background, family information, associates, interests and hobbies is important to understanding what motivates them and developing long-lasting relationships.

Forcast revenue more accurately

Know what's in your pipeline by month, by stage in the sales process and by lead source. Pipeline reports may be customized to show values based on the probability of closing.

Analyze the customized reports showing the metrics you want

Get the information you need to manage the sales process and to better understand your business. With customized reports, you can follow and analyze the information truly necessary to grow your business.

Launch marketing campaigns you can monitor and measure

Develop email marketing campaigns for prosepcts and clients to stay in touch. Monitor who opens each email and clicks through to links within the email. Understand the effectiveness of your various marketing media.