Keys to CRM Success

It's in the set-up: Customize. Organize. Integrate. Ease.

Customize.Organize. Integrate. Use with Ease.

WIN with excellent CRM Set Up!Successful CRM implementation is simple, really...

Victory starts with set-up.

And set-up starts with planning...putting your business strategy at the heart of your CRM system.

It has to feel like your business. Work like your business.

Even the word "technology" scares some people. Others have zero problem. But chances are your staff is comprised of varying levels of comfort. We take that into account. KMI sets your CRM system up for your team to win. Using your CRM system has to be easy and natural, like driving a car.

We have found key actions that ensure your CRM systems ARE utilized and effective. At KMI, we take direct aim at these absolutely necessary tactics:

  1. Customize.
    Having a system tailored to fit how your company does business is vital to having a CRM process that will be used consistently and effectively for business development.
  2. Organize.
    Find information quickly. Can business development locate what they need immediately? Is sales support able to assist in the best possible way? Are managers able to easily pull reports for real-time snapshots?
  3. Integrate.
    Your CRM system needs to sychronize with Outlook® if that's what you use for your email and calendar. Your "tools" need to work together and be with you while you're on the go.
  4. Use with Ease.
    Your team will use your CRM system when it's easy and intuitive to use...and is an improvement from what they were using before.
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