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Stan Kitson

Stan Kitson, Kitson Marketing InTimeTools, OwnerStan Kitson joined Robyn in the business in 1990. Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota/Mpls. (1978), Stan moved to Madison, taking a job in radio sales at WMAD-92FM. He moved to Country Q106 in 1981 as they launched a contemporary country format (quite a "hot" move at that time) and was promoted to Sales Manager and then General Manager. One of the areas he particularly enjoyed was hiring and training great sales people...and he did a lot of that. In fact, many of the people he introduced to radio sales in the 1980s are top producers in the Madison market today.

By 1990 Stan was yearning to offer a full range of marketing services to his clients, and so in 1990, he joined Kitson Marketing.

The 90’s focused primarily on business-to-business marketing (B2B). Working with manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, often as the off-site marketing director, he developed lead generation programs, tradeshows, catalogs, research and branding campaigns.

In the late 1990s, with the Internet quickly gaining popularity, both Stan and Robyn realized the amazing capabilities of internet technology to streamline sales and marketing processes and increase sales and improve overall productivity. In 1999, they developed InTimeTools, the division of their company that would focus on using private web-based extranet systems to do business, especially in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM).

The early days proved a good training ground to learn from the challenges of implementing new technology and how to successfully bring it into an organization and increase user adoption rates.

Since the turn of the century they’ve developed and implemented web applications including proprietary CRM applications, extranets and interactive websites.

Robyn Kitson

Robyn Kitson, Kitson Marketing InTimeTools, OwnerRobyn Kitson founded Kitson Marketing in September of 1987. She had always dreamed of owning a marketing firm and her career path had purposely placed her in positions to gain the experience she would need to do it well.

During her maternity leave with her second son in April of 1987, plans took shape and the agency became reality that September. By 1990, she convinced husband Stan that this is where he needed to be, too.

Robyn grew up in a newspaper family with both parents partners in publishing the weekly Cottonwood County Citizen in Windom, Minnesota. In college, she spent her four years there with a job on the side at the Minnesota Daily. When she married Stan in 1979, they moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where she worked at Madison Newspapers and Isthmus Publishing before becoming promotion director for the Madison Civic Center. By 1987, she was ready to hang out her own shingle, and Kitson Marketing began.

Kitson Marketing started as a marketing firm specializing in marketing communications for manufacturers, distributors and dealers, and specializing particularly in catalog production, tradeshow marketing and communications.

By 1999, Robyn and Stan decided to add a web application division to their company and that was the beginning of InTimeTools®. The focus of this division was to help clients use web technology to do business processes online, especially in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM).

Today, Kitson Marketing InTimeTools has combined the two divisions and consults with clients most specifically in the areas of sales and marketing strategies, processes and systems to build client relationships and grow revenue.

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